Website today presents a really vital piece in our marketing and branding strategy. Point is to attract as much visitors and future customers and to ensure your website gives just right message and answers about your product or brand. So if your website gets designed in wrong way your profit will automatically fall by losing your customers and that is why there are some basic mistakes you need to avoid.

A slow-loading website

A-slow-loading-websiteMany fancy animations and latest technology attention devices won’t do you much good while lowering your website speed. Time is money today and remember this for all time. Many people just won’t wait for your website to finish loading if it needs time and as a result you will just have lower number of attracted customers and huge number of page abandonment cases. So keep your website performance and usability on the first place.



Inadequate calls to action

Focus of all website should be a good and clear call to action. His is something that really moves every website to its goal and that is more visitors. Still for some reason there is a lot of websites with really hard to find calls to action. It is often hard to notice or hidden so visitors get easily confused and just leave your website. So what to do? Make your CTA visible and clear to your audience while making filling forms quick and only asking for basic information. This will make them say yes easily. There are also specific tools to show clearly calls to action while making these popups as effective act and not some annoying element for your audience.

Inconsistent web design

Inconsistent-web-designIn web design it is also desirable to use that well known important rule “less is more”. Good content hierarchy, simple guidance and strong focus are main goals of good design. Many disarranged elements just take the attention of your customers to the wrong side. Statistics say that even around 70% of audience prefers usability over some flashy type of design. So remember to keep it simple and rather eliminate something that will just ruin the right message instead of just adding anything. Stay consistent to your general strategy with some possible changes in certain degree. Content should be clearly divided in order to provide each topic their own section. Let the design breathe by giving some space between design elements which will provide better focus for the audience.

No sharing options

Social media presents one of the main search engines which attracts even thousands of visitors to websites. While sharing, your visitors would really prefer to have a simple button click instead of going through action of copy-pasting your site link. Also many of the visitors will not come to idea by themselves to share your website and that’s why your buttons and other calls to action forms should be on important places which will make them easily reachable and noticeable.

Now after reading this you are able to avoid some basic mistakes while designing your perfect website.