Web Hosting Types

Web Hosting Types

Things can get really confusing when you start searching for certain type of web hosting and there comes offer of hundreds and hundreds of different web companies with outnumbering hosting types. Someone who only wants to get online and make some money that way could really get lost and discouraged among all those technical terms. Even choosing the free or some inexpensive hosting plan for start will not be enough after some time of your business growth and development. In some moment you will always have to choose hosting that will best serve the needs of your business. This is why everybody should be informed about basic list of hosting types.

Shared web hosting

Shared-web-hostingSimply said it is a type of hosting where your website shares server with other websites. This number could be even something between hundreds and thousands of websites. Costs are low and everybody is using the same server resources like CPU- Central Processing Unit which is the computer “brain” and RAM – Random Access Memory. Everything is taken care of in aspect of setup so you can completely devote yourself to the building of your website. Main negative sides are less processing power for you and reduced loading speed. It is also known as “bad neighbor effect” but this is risk everybody knows while paying significantly less money comparing to other hosting types. This type is useful for personal sites, test and development sites and brochure sites which don’t get a lot of traffic at the beginning.

Cloud hosting

Cloud-hostingThis is a hosting type which lets outnumbering individual servers working together creating one giant server. Best part of it is that if you get huge amount of website traffic in one moment you will not be shut down but this hosting plan will be able to lodge this rush of traffic. So this type combines more computers into powerful virtual server which provides needed resources and you pay what you actually end up using. It is much better solution instead paying some fixed price for dedicated service where you actually never use the whole capacity. This is a great choice for those who want to scale their website more than in traditional hosting where it is limited by the hardware it is on.

Dedicated hosting

With choosing this type server is all yours. There is no worry about other websites taking up resources and slowing your website down. This type gives you a lot of flexibility because you may even choose the type of memory you need and some other hardware elements. For sure all this doesn’t come cheap which makes the main negative side here. Also here comes a need of high level of technical expertise for the ongoing management and installations of your website in the future. If you are alone in this it could get pretty confusing while experiencing situations like malware removal, running a web server or managing security scanning. Any of them hire a system administrator for these reasons but it also brings some extra costs. This hosting is best choice for business with huge website traffic and in need of huge control over their data’s privacy.