Basic Steps To The Great Design Of Your Website

Basic Steps To The Great Design Of Your Website

We can say that there is a little design touch in every aspect of our lives. From the furniture you are using, landscape of your garden, hand watch you are wearing at this very moment to the looks of your computer. These design impact really is strong in our connection to the whole world. Good design will make this interaction with our surrounding much enjoyable and pleasant while bad design can really create some frustrating feelings. So here are some basic things that will make your website providing great experience for your audience.

Purpose definition

Web_DesigningDefine main issues you need to solve and decide about best solutions for them. Your final goals with traceable measures are the core of your mission for getting your perfect web design strategy. There are 3 crucial things you need to pay attention while defining your final result in this business aspect. Your web design must go above all those messages of other websites bombing the audience. It has to be very unique, creative and memorable to leave strong attention trace. More exactly this trace should be in a form of efficient social media impression and successful tracking page view. Second crucial thing is to make your potential customers become your faithful ones. Here is important to make them believe in their decision while choosing your product and that is possible with good design. Third thing is customer’s experience with your website where is important to make it easier for them to navigate your web pages. Your brand will become much popular if it makes enjoyable and positive experience while interacting with for your loyal and future customers.

Constant development

Your finished website is launched and you may now rest in the blooming of your business in digital economy. Well it is not so. Nov comes time of constant research, analysis and refining of your website in order to make it grow and change along with your business. Market is constantly changing and so are customer needs. This is why you need to be in touch all the time and track the way audience interacts with your website. There are certain tools that help with implementing best practices to reach great designs and these are constantly improving. These tools also help you achieve efficient innovations and stronger creativity bringing you more customer attention and more profit. And remember, it is important to be where your customers are, no matter what device they are using. Your website needs to be accessible on any screen size.

Practical art

ArtDesign is about art because of all the strategy in using colors, positions, forms and sizes. It is a strong visual component in digital marketing strategy. All the decisions about these colors, sizes and other visual elements are based on thorough analytics, user experiences and standard protocols. Web design is a crucial thing that needs to help your audience understand important things about your brand and convert the future customer into a loyal one.

Web Hosting Types

Web Hosting Types

Things can get really confusing when you start searching for certain type of web hosting and there comes offer of hundreds and hundreds of different web companies with outnumbering hosting types. Someone who only wants to get online and make some money that way could really get lost and discouraged among all those technical terms. Even choosing the free or some inexpensive hosting plan for start will not be enough after some time of your business growth and development. In some moment you will always have to choose hosting that will best serve the needs of your business. This is why everybody should be informed about basic list of hosting types.

Shared web hosting

Shared-web-hostingSimply said it is a type of hosting where your website shares server with other websites. This number could be even something between hundreds and thousands of websites. Costs are low and everybody is using the same server resources like CPU- Central Processing Unit which is the computer “brain” and RAM – Random Access Memory. Everything is taken care of in aspect of setup so you can completely devote yourself to the building of your website. Main negative sides are less processing power for you and reduced loading speed. It is also known as “bad neighbor effect” but this is risk everybody knows while paying significantly less money comparing to other hosting types. This type is useful for personal sites, test and development sites and brochure sites which don’t get a lot of traffic at the beginning.

Cloud hosting

Cloud-hostingThis is a hosting type which lets outnumbering individual servers working together creating one giant server. Best part of it is that if you get huge amount of website traffic in one moment you will not be shut down but this hosting plan will be able to lodge this rush of traffic. So this type combines more computers into powerful virtual server which provides needed resources and you pay what you actually end up using. It is much better solution instead paying some fixed price for dedicated service where you actually never use the whole capacity. This is a great choice for those who want to scale their website more than in traditional hosting where it is limited by the hardware it is on.

Dedicated hosting

With choosing this type server is all yours. There is no worry about other websites taking up resources and slowing your website down. This type gives you a lot of flexibility because you may even choose the type of memory you need and some other hardware elements. For sure all this doesn’t come cheap which makes the main negative side here. Also here comes a need of high level of technical expertise for the ongoing management and installations of your website in the future. If you are alone in this it could get pretty confusing while experiencing situations like malware removal, running a web server or managing security scanning. Any of them hire a system administrator for these reasons but it also brings some extra costs. This hosting is best choice for business with huge website traffic and in need of huge control over their data’s privacy.

Web Design Usual Mistakes

Web Design Usual Mistakes

Website today presents a really vital piece in our marketing and branding strategy. Point is to attract as much visitors and future customers and to ensure your website gives just right message and answers about your product or brand. So if your website gets designed in wrong way your profit will automatically fall by losing your customers and that is why there are some basic mistakes you need to avoid.

A slow-loading website

A-slow-loading-websiteMany fancy animations and latest technology attention devices won’t do you much good while lowering your website speed. Time is money today and remember this for all time. Many people just won’t wait for your website to finish loading if it needs time and as a result you will just have lower number of attracted customers and huge number of page abandonment cases. So keep your website performance and usability on the first place.



Inadequate calls to action

Focus of all website should be a good and clear call to action. His is something that really moves every website to its goal and that is more visitors. Still for some reason there is a lot of websites with really hard to find calls to action. It is often hard to notice or hidden so visitors get easily confused and just leave your website. So what to do? Make your CTA visible and clear to your audience while making filling forms quick and only asking for basic information. This will make them say yes easily. There are also specific tools to show clearly calls to action while making these popups as effective act and not some annoying element for your audience.

Inconsistent web design

Inconsistent-web-designIn web design it is also desirable to use that well known important rule “less is more”. Good content hierarchy, simple guidance and strong focus are main goals of good design. Many disarranged elements just take the attention of your customers to the wrong side. Statistics say that even around 70% of audience prefers usability over some flashy type of design. So remember to keep it simple and rather eliminate something that will just ruin the right message instead of just adding anything. Stay consistent to your general strategy with some possible changes in certain degree. Content should be clearly divided in order to provide each topic their own section. Let the design breathe by giving some space between design elements which will provide better focus for the audience.

No sharing options

Social media presents one of the main search engines which attracts even thousands of visitors to websites. While sharing, your visitors would really prefer to have a simple button click instead of going through action of copy-pasting your site link. Also many of the visitors will not come to idea by themselves to share your website and that’s why your buttons and other calls to action forms should be on important places which will make them easily reachable and noticeable.

Now after reading this you are able to avoid some basic mistakes while designing your perfect website.

Consider This When Choosing A Web Host Company

Consider This When Choosing A Web Host Company

There is a huge homework to be done before you decide which website hosting company should be the best for your business. Here are some of the key factors everybody should consider while searching for their most compatible web hosting provider.

Area of service

Web-hostingNot every hosting company is created to meet your specific requires. So this is why you first have to define your needs, how in present also the future ones. Going through this process you will have growing number of questions so it is the best to put them on the paper. Make your list and feel free to contact the provider in order to get some answers. Good one will take all the time you need to help you understand what is the best for your business. Your questions and needs should be based on factors like bandwidth, support, backup, additional domains, RAM size and processing power. Good provider will now all these answers and will be able to provide best strategy to grow together with your business. There are many companies that make this upgrading much easier.

Support service

24/7 service is something you should count on no matter what other needs you have. Important fact considering this service is it is based in-house and not in some other company or even country. Customer support should be prior thing to every company but as it isn’t so pay attention to that. There is nothing better than picking up the phone and personally get all the answers you need at the same moment. Problems happen at any time day or night so nobody should ever agree to accept support limited on regular business hours.

Security and backup

Security-and-backupThis has never been more important. A great monitoring service with powerful firewalls and CloudFlare integration is something every good web host company should provide. Not only malware can knock your site offline but also use it, send SPAM and attack other sites. This is something that really can destroy reputation of any business. Cloud Flare integration not only protects websites but also optimizes performance to the maximum. Firewall management will reduce risk without any impact on your business performance and requirements. Regular site backup is really important where provider is able to restore your site in any moment like equipment fail or computer crashing. And not to forget the domain privacy which really helps keeping your email from SPAM by hiding your identity and substituting it with the hosting company’s details.

If we want to get our business online this is decision we have to make some way or another, it is not optional anymore. Every business needs to have a website and every website needs a web hosting company. Today even a few minute of a website failure is critical for business when customers can’t access their website. So this is why we say it is very important while choosing the best web hosting company to make sure you make thorough analysis of your needs and their service in order to get most reliable and effective results.

How To Hire Perfect Web Designer?

How To Hire Perfect Web Designer?

This process can really take some time in today’s market. There are lots of web designers and you have to pick just right one to make your company efficient and good looking online in the same time. But there are some basic qualities of a compatible web designer you may consider in your search.

Knowledge, practice and planning

Overall strategy is something that is really important while creating a certain website. By asking specific questions that are important for your business you will get a clear picture of their compatibility to your business. Designers who answer your questions briefly and quickly know what are they doing beyond doubt. Ones that have a hard time while talking about how they work, their strategies and their goals could only lead you to a wrong path.

Experience with your brand

Experience-with-your-brandThis quality is one of the best ones because it will narrow your choice range in no time. With certain experience in your industry your future designer will immediately know what is important for your business. Experience really makes design project much efficient, quicker and productive. Simple said, it is all much easier.

Price and rational contract

This is really variable element while searching for your perfect web designer. It depends of outnumbering factors and the key thing is to define your budget before starting your web designer search. Just one change of these factor, for example like a project scope could really make a difference at increasing or decreasing of your budget. So define your scope and the more details you provide, more accurate estimation and offer you will get. Keep in mind it is very important to enjoy working with your designer, it really makes a strong effect on the project. Before signing any contract make a copy while interviewing your future designers so you can read it carefully after. It is also much better to give it to your lawyer who will ensure you are protected well especially if website design turns the way you didn’t specified.

Service area

Solo-web-designerSolo web designer will not have much to offer besides the layout and overlook of your website. Web design firms will mostly offer much more than just a plain web design service. This includes SEO, running social media and content work which also come in packages you may choose according to your business needs. These could really make a much stronger online presence for your company. So as said, it is important to define your needs and decide is just a solo web designer what you need or you require more complex digital service.



It is usually much better to search for designers with detailed portfolios of their work with former clients. Track of experience really makes it much easier while making your decision about most compatible designer to your business. Portfolio really says a lot about designer and you really don’t need to be impressed with those flashy ones, just a collection of many different projects will give you enough information you need.